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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fax Software: The True Benefits

Faxing software are quickly replacing traditional fax machines as increasing number of people recognize the convenience and cost savings offered by email faxing. Faxing software is a computer program developed specifically for sending and receiving faxes via the Internet. All major computer operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, and Mac Leopard support faxing software.

These programs have evolved to the level where they can easily be integrated into computer-based email clients such as MS Outlook, thus making it easy to send and receive faxes directly from your email account. Many modern faxing software also come with scheduling and timed delivery features for sending out faxes, something that was not available in fax machines.

While these cutting-edge features provide many benefits, it is the smaller bits that really set apart faxing software from traditional fax machines. Gone are the days when you would have to file away each document that you have sent or received via fax. Now you can just have all documents stored as attachments in your email inbox. What this has done is removed the need to invest in filing cabinets and tons of paperwork.

Internet faxing has also resulted in thousands of dollars in savings, both for the big companies and the individual fax users. These savings are in the form of special fax rolls and papers, fax printer cartridges, the need for separate telephone lines for the fax machines, all of which can be significant expenses. Faxing software have also eased things in terms of the maintenance requirements; traditional fax machines were prone to breakdowns and had limited operational lives.

A major point in favor of faxing software is the convenience and security provided by these programs. With an Internet-based fax, there is no fear of the document not getting delivered to the receiver's inbox or of the fax going through incomplete or illegible. With many faxing software offering the security of encrypted faxes, there is little to worry about the integrity of your faxed documents either.

But the biggest difference made by faxing software has been in terms of the time savings and mobility offered by them. As traditional faxes were sent over telephone lines, the chances of network congestion and delayed sending were always a factor. Moreover, the fax machines would normally be common to multiple working areas, so if you had to send or receive a fax, you would have to leave your desk to do the needful. With faxing software sitting right on your desktop, your faxes are sent and delivered instantly, saving you the time and effort required with a fax machine.

Last but definitely not the least is the unmatched mobility offered by faxing software. With business executives and professionals becoming increasingly mobile and working out of their laptops and mobile offices, having a traditional fax machine no longer works for them. With a faxing software though, they can easily send and receive all necessary documents as long as they are logged into a computer that is connected to the Internet.