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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interesting Information About Fax Software

The service originally started as an online facility with few companies offering the convenience of sending and receiving faxes online for a fee. The service provider would give you an online fax account from where you could send or receive all your faxes with the facility of having your received faxes forwarded directly to your email address. This also led to the coining of the term email faxing. Soon the demand for the service led to the development of special faxing software that can send and receive faxes directly from a computer.

Faxing software provides all the facilities and features of traditional fax machines but without the need for a special fax machine. Computers have become an integral part of everyday work. Businesses big and small are also permanently connected to the Internet through high speed broadband connections. So all they need to start sending faxes online is a bit more - a simple program that put the convenience of faxing into their computers.

A major advantage of faxing software is that it does away with the need to maintain multiple files filled with printed documents that have either been faxed or are received faxes. With a faxing program installed on your system, you no longer need to print any documents but can send them directly after creating them on your computer. Received documents are delivered to your email inbox in the form of attachments, making for easy filing and storage.

The latest faxing software programs come with advanced features including full integration and support for variety of email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Many of these programs also have the facility of faxing documents directly from Microsoft Word, Excel or other office applications after you have created them.

The beauty of faxing software and email faxing is that it is very convenient and saves lots of time and money. Unlike manual fax machines, there are no hassles of paper jams, toner cartridges, or telephone line connectivity. The fear of a fax not going through despite a completed transaction report or the danger of an important document coming through incomplete or incoherent has also been removed thanks to Internet-based faxing.

Faxing software is simple and anyone who is acquainted with computers can use it without the need for specialized training. Talking of savings, faxing software can save lots of money compared to traditional fax machines and in more ways than one. Faxing machines do not require any paper, or toner, or telephone connections - all leading to savings in terms of bills. There is no need to carry out period maintenance which can also be a major cost factor, especially if you are a big company and have multiple fax machines installed.

With so many advantages faxing software and email faxing are sure shot winners. But there is another big advantage that tilts the scales totally in favor of faxing software and that is the convenience of mobility. With Internet faxing, you can send out your faxes from anywhere. All you need is a computer running Windows XP or Vista, faxing software, and a connection to the Internet.